Department of Pharmacology - Columbia University
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Elective Course Listing

This is a sampling of elective courses that are available at Columbia University.

Anatomy-Biochem. G4015 Neuronal Development and Synaptogenesis
Anatomy-Physiol. M6106 Neural Science
Biology W3073 Cellular-Molecular-Immunol.
Cell Biology G4150 Prokaryotic Molec. Biology
Cell Biology G4250 Molecular Biophysics
Cell Biology G4350 Cellular Membranes and Organelles
Genetics G4027 Mammalian Devel. Biology
Genetics G4050 Advanced Eukaryotic Molecular Genetics
Genetics G4500 Cellular and Molecular Biology of Cancer
Microbiology G6001 Biology of Bacteria and Mammalian Cells
Microbiology G6050 Advanced Microbiology
Path-Physiol. G6003 Pathobiology
Pharmacology G4600 Structure and Function of Membrane Channels
Physiology G4007 Molecular Mechanisms in Synaptic Transmission
Public Health P6310 Principles of Molec. Biology
Public Health P8308 Molecular Toxicology
Public Health P6130 Biostatistics