Welcome letter from the Director of Graduate Studies:

Dear Prospective and Current Students:

Welcome to the website for the graduate program in Pharmacology, which is administered by the Department of Pharmacology and includes faculty from many departments at the Medical Center and at the university's main campus. Pharmacology is part of the Coordinated Doctoral Program in the Basic Sciences at Columbia University Medical Center within the program entitled The Graduate Program in Molecular Basis of Health and Disease.

Our graduate program aims to integrate both new and traditional areas of Pharmacology, and to provide a broad overview of this dynamic and important field of biology, through a combination of didactic class-based instruction, critical reading of key papers in journal club environments, and laboratory-based learning via rotations and thesis research.

Our graduate students acquire fundamental training in Pharmacology, at the systems, cellular and molecular levels, while participating in the rich intellectual life of Columbia University. We make a special effort to adapt the educational program to suit the professional goals of each individual.

Research in the department is diverse and covers almost all of the major themes in contemporary Pharmacology, including cancer biology, cardiovascular biology, neuropharmacology and structural biology, among others. Our students have a wide range of topics to choose from as a focus for their research. We invite you to explore our website and investigate research in each of these areas under our outstanding faculty members. The requirements for admission are described under Admissions.

Please visit our site and get to know our program and faculty. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Susan F. Steinberg, MD

Director of Graduate Studies - Department of Pharmacology
Columbia University, College of Physicians & Surgeons
630 West 168th Street
New York, New York 10032
email: sfs1@cumc.columbia.edu